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  • Dobosi Organic Winery

    Dobosi family

    Given the viticulture and wine making history of the ancient Hungarians, this is an industry with thousands of years of history, so we thought that using the tried and tested cultivation methods of old, would produce a genuine organic wine.

    Thus our winery manages the production of organic wines and 100% grape juice. Our guests can choose from more than 15 different types of wine to taste, and enjoy our rural hospitality in a family atmosphere.

    Our commitments are organic products and their quality, values that span over several generations.

    Thanks to the wide range of products at the Dobosi Winery, everyone can find their own favourite wine, whether young or old, novice or experienced, a consumer or even a collector!


    Now our entire vineyard is organically farmed. What does this mean? The key difference from traditional vine-growing is that you cannot use absorbable spray agents, there can be no chemicals, herbicides, or fertilizers brought into the area. What we use specifically as a pesticide is copper and sulfur, which has been used for hundreds of years by our ancestors. Our goal has always been to try and make this ancient drink using old time-tested methods, and we have found the solution with this process. To get a certified organic product, it must be preceded by three years of successful transition, therefore our older vintage wines are not included in the organic label.