Day 5

Local handcraft product market

Lake Hévíz

Hévíz thermal lake is in a constant move. On the one hand, it is moving from left to the right, and on the other hand, warm water moves upwards while cold water goes downwards. This two-way flow keeps the water of the lake in a constant move, thus leaving a special massaging effect on the human skin.

The origins of Lake Hévíz go back to the ancient times when Lake Balaton and the basalt mountains around the lake were formulated. At the end of the Pannon-era volcanoes disrupted the layout of the Trans-Danube region. The healing power of the water was already known to our ancestors

According to the memoires from the Roman empire, the oldest and most famous thermal bath in Hungary can take pride in a history of over 2,000 years. You can have about 4 hours free time at lake Hévíz

Evening host: Kéner-MANOR

We will visit a local eco-farmer , Zoltán Kéner and his family will be our host that evening. They will cook local traditional house-made dinner , and serve their local spirits and wine for our guest . Consumption is unlimited.

All his own bio-products have the registered trademark of the European Territorial ’Rural Quality’ Brand: Cooperating Balaton Uplands. They keep only indigenous animals, Hungarian breeds , and fruit trees. Wife is expert of local herbs. Everything they offer is manufactured by themself.