Horse Riding

Have you ever seen the traditional Hungarian horse-show called Puszta-five? Riding five horses at once while standing on their bare backs.

Other Hungarian popular horse sport is nomadic archery, winging an arrow at moving targets from a horseback at a gallop. Professional horse shows can be seen at many places, also in Balaton Uplands National Park , at Salföld Manor.

You can book 7-night program with half-board, which consists of :

Beyond getting memorable riding experience we offer premium gastronomic enjoyment and excellent wines of the international awarded wineries in the evenings. You can reach the best detailed wine , winery , spirit and gastronomy information under WINES & SPIRITS and Gastronomic delights submenu .Traditional Hungarian warm dishes are included in wine-tasting events.

1 day Bus transfer from the Budapest airport , afternoon arriving at our charming rural guesthouses, village Lovas and Tihany. Be delighted by the lakeshore of Balaton through a walk on the beautiful promenade of Balatonfüred , or you can have a bath in Balaton and after that immerse into world of famous Hungarian wines at Figula Winery . (introduced in Wines menu)

3+1 days (wellness day is between them) Take pleasure on our horse-riding tour, 4-6 hours riding per day on your request, lunch picnic with some wine , served by the support vehicle on the route. Before leaving to wineries in the evening you will have free time for relaxation or having a swim or sunbath or walk on the beach.

We provide 4 horse riding days in the picturesque slopes of Balaton Uplands National Park with our well-seasoned and trained horses, guided by an experienced and licensed tour guide. You can also read more about him in OUR TEAM menu.

Each week includes activities on horseback as well as the opportunity to experience the unique culture and traditions of the area. Every day you will be introduced to a new aspect of the heritage, history, culture and traditions of the magical Balaton Uplands.

For the night-time convenience of our guests, riding trips are organized on a different route every day, which return to the same accommodation.

1 day wellness and healing bathing in the largest thermal lake in the world, Héviz , (you can read details about Héviz and other places of interest under Menu Lake Balaton and Daily programs of Nature&Wine Holiday. )

1 day free : you can rent bicycle or have sun bath or splash into the smooth water of Balaton, or visit the Europa-diploma awarded Tihany Peninsula. See details in Nature & Wine Holiday Daily Programs.

Last day: morning bus transfer to Budapest Airport.

Áron Kis, 30-year-old competitor rider, taking part in jumping and coach-driving championships. Started horse riding at the age of 8. Studied environmental sciences, and as a high school student he has already given horse riding lessons. Later he took a course in tour guiding on horseback. He has been the chairman of the Equastrian Association of Lovas since 2012. He regularly gives riding lessons to children as well as to adults, and organises multi-day rides, hunt field rides and championships. One of Áron’s great strength is that he is not just a tour guide, he shares your love of horses! His family runs their own ranch in Lovas, where he personally take guests on rides every day.

Well trained and experienced for long tours. All of them are Hungarian breeds, such as Kisbér half-breed, Hungarian sport horse, Hungarian coldblood in different age groups and sizes. They are all ridden in English style.

Riding on exciting tours designed and organized with the active involvement of participants. Horseback riding in uniquely designed, personalized tours . You may get involved in the preparation of the riding tour and express your whish about number of hours spent on the saddle daily, speed and intensity of the ride and decide where would you like to spend more time on the route.

Air of Balaton Uplands National Park is clean and fresh, where the nature is untouched , protected, and the landscape is amazing, where horses and riders are in good hands...Read more in Lake Balaton Menu and Responsible travel Menu about Balaton Uplands National Park.

Accomodation is in a village called Lovas, in Hungarian ‘Lovas’ means ‘a settlement with horses’. In the garden of the guesthouse there is a small horse-pen so you can glimpse some of the grazing horses when you look out your window.

The local ranch provides limited numbers of riding hats in case of need , free of charge . Please write us a mail if you need one. In favour of your own convenience we recommend to bring your hat, boots or half chaps or gaiters . important: closed outdoor shoes are always required.

Hungarians take riding seriously, quality is strictly measured here: the quality of services is monitored and rated by the Hungarian Horse Tourism Association.

Trail rides will be conducted with the highest level of professionalism and service. We attach the license of Kis Áron, our horse-riding guide expert.

In order to have maximum attention to our riders we organize only small group tours. We accept the number of participants up to 10 persons (+ guide) in one group .

We recommend not to take children under 12 years old to this program and we ask you to have personal insurance for your holiday including horse riding activity before you leave home.

During your Nature&Wine Eco-Holiday you can start out on a lunge line to learn the basic position, balance and control on a moving horse. When you're comfortable with the basics, riding classes in the enclosed riding arena will bring you closer to gaining control over your horse. If you're already fit and able to trot, canter and gallop at ease, you can head out onto the guided tours – a dream come true for every rider.

If you are a beginner, please do not book a horse riding tour yet, it is only for experienced riders, please choose the Nature&Wine holiday , and you can start your horse riding lessons in a personalized way during your holiday . Write us by mail, that you would like to have riding lessons, as a beginner.